Friday, September 22, 2017

Make Way For NODDY!

When Lucy was about nine months old, we discovered her first favorite cartoon - Make Way For Noddy. My Mom actually saw it on TV one Saturday morning and told us about it, so we recorded a few episodes and let Lucy watch it. She loved it and it soon became her favorite show. We did some research on it and found that the show had actually been on for quite a few years and were sad to discover it went off the air about three to four months after we discovered it. Lucy really liked it and we kept watching the six recorded shows we had over and over and over. :)

I found a Noddy doll online and bought it for her and was just so excited to give it to her! She loved the Noddy doll immediately and would watch our recorded shows while holding Noddy.

We found some Make Way For Noddy DVDs online and bought them for Lucy. They had new episodes that we had never seen before and I think Ross and I were more excited about this than Lucy. :) After Molly was born, she soon discovered Noddy and seemed to like him as much as Lucy did.

A few weeks ago we were shopping at the outlet mall in Branson and came upon this Make Way For Noddy ride on the sidewalk! Again, I think Ross and I were more excited to see it than the girls were, but oh well! We tried to get Lucy to ride it but she wouldn't. Molly got on, but got off before the ride was over. It played the theme song to the show and was just so much fun to see! I would imagine this ride has been there for quite a while and can't believe we've never seen it before!

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Playroom And Beans, Lots Of Beans

Growing up, we had a room in the basement of our house that was known as the playroom. We had it set up with a play area to play house, restaurant, school, library, barbies, and lots of other thing to play. It's a fairly big room, more long that wide, and made for a perfect place to section off play areas. I spent countless hours in the playroom, mainly playing school, and loved every minute of it.

I've not lived at home for 20 years now, and for the last 20 years the playroom has remained the playroom, with most all of the same toys I played with when I was little. My mom has fixed it up by painting the walls, decorating, and putting special touches in it that only she would think about for the girls to play with.

One of the areas she fixed up is the kitchen area, stocked with beans to play with. And, as you can see from the picture below, Lucy and Molly thoroughly enjoyed playing in the beans one day!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Senior Year!

On August 22, Ross started his second senior year of college. :) In 2014, he decided to go back to school for an accounting degree from Missouri State University. Since he received his marketing degree from MSU in 2001, he only had 10 classes to complete for the accounting degree. He has been taking one class per semester, except for last spring when he took two classes, and doing summer school when possible. He has one class this semester and will graduate on December 15! We are so proud of him and very excited for him to be done with school and begin his new career in accounting. O course, I had to take a picture of Ross on his first day, as I have ever year since he started college again.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Waffle Wednesday

For probably over two years now, we have been having waffles and scrambled eggies for lunch on Wednesday, hence the name Waffle Wednesday. It's a good, easy, quick meal to fix (and clean up) and Lucy and Molly both like it. Today was a Waffle Wednesday lunch for Molly and me since Lucy was at preschool for lunch.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

End Of Summer Treat

A few weeks ago I took the girls to Krispy Kreme one Friday morning after the gym to celebrate the end of summer. We had a great summer and the girls were so good to go to the gym with me every MWF. I know they have no choice to go, but I also know it can get boring in the childcare there, so I appreciate that they go with me without complaining. We had a fun time eating donuts and even singing Happy Birthday to the donuts that we saw being made. You can watch Lucy and Molly sing Happy Birthday to the donuts here!